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Le Cent-Onze’s comprehensive design and execution has been delivered all at once without the inconveniences of a construction plan that spans several years. Apartments and communal areas, both indoor and outdoor, are now accessible.

An array of lush amenities will be ready as well, including a private forest right in our backyard for you to commune with nature along with your beloved pet. All that’s left to do is to move in and enjoy your new home to the fullest.



Le Cent-Onze boasts 270 rental units of superior quality with a price that will make you smile. From studios to 3-bedroom units that come with built-in private offices, rent a living space that integrates seamlessly with your professional vocation. In addition, enjoy unfettered access to all of the following communal areas and services:

-Private forest with dog park
-Game room
-Theater room
-Rooftop terrace with a pool
-Gym and spa
-Communal kitchen and reception area
-Amazon lockers
-Conference rooms (3)
-Coworking space



Le Cent-Onze offers all the perks of a multiuse residential development at a more modest price point.

Here, modesty doesn’t mean less. It means more amenities, more access, more opportunities for contentment, but within the intimacy of a tight-knit community.

A safe microcosm

with many possibilities

To offer you this exceptional living environment, our team has equipped itself with the best technologies available to allow you to enjoy the attractions of Le Cent-Onze in complete security. Doors lockable with your phone, facial recognition at the entrance, and surveillance 24/7, nothing has been left to chance!

The accessible


– Proximal to major highways
– Just steps away from the RoyalMount
– Close to schools
– Near public transport
– Less than 5 km away from YUL


Propriétaire automobile

272 interior and 25 exterior parking lots are available for rent. Charging stations are also available.

Rosefellow, innovating to provide
a unique and sustainable experience

Rosefellow is proud to sign its very first residential real estate project with Le Cent-Onze Appartements Ville Saint-Laurent. Combining more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry and a renowned desire to innovate in its residential housing proposal, Rosefellow is attentive to the needs and concerns of its clientele of today and tomorrow. Rosefellow is committed to developing sustainable and inclusive living environments where balancing work, family and leisure activities becomes a daily reality.