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Ville Saint-Laurent

Le Cent-Onze isn’t just anyone’s home; it’s yours.

This contemporary residential project unites professionals, couples and families under one roof in a safe microcosm that contains the amenities of your dreams. Visually-stunning, elegant spaces have been crafted with an incomparable work-live-play experience in mind, right here in the heart of Ville Saint-Laurent, Montréal. 

Workden in the apartment

My address to balance my work,

family and leisure activities

Teleworking being an integral part of our lives, both the apartments and common spaces have been redesigned to facilitate the combination of family, work, and leisure. Renting an apartment at Cent-Onze means choosing a unique living environment. From 3 ½ to 5 ½, find your happiness among our 270 units.



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